We offer two unique opportunities to enter the burgeoning personal emergency response system (PERS) market: Affiliate and Dealer.

Join the ResponseNow Affiliate Program

One of the biggest questions we get from potential customers is “Where do I start with all this? Who can I trust?” They have hundreds of options, varying price-points, and differing styles of equipment to consider. Many go with the largest brand-name available simply out of familiarity, often overlooking binding multi-year contracts and overly priced equipment and fees. This is where the Affiliate model thrives.

The Affiliate model works great with existing businesses who already interface with seniors or children of seniors concerned with their parent’s health and safety. Independent pharmacies, DMEs, and Home Healthcare companies are the most common examples but we are happy to work with anyone who thinks they can connect with seniors. While point-of-sale marketing items like rack cards and bag inserts will provide potential buyers with a good start, your physical presence and ability to vouch for the service and answer a few basic questions about it can seal the deal.

Our Affiliate network is built up of local businesses who want the best for their seniors. ResponseNow provides a product everyone can trust at a fair price and with the best possible customer support. We are happy to answer any questions about the Affiliate Program. Please call 866-795-4321 or email customersupport@responsenow.com.

Click here to become an Affiliate.

Become a ResponseNow Dealer

The Dealer model is best for existing security companies looking to expand to the PERS market. It requires much more capital but each account you create is your own. You bill the customer and take care of all things support-related. ResponseNow sells you equipment and walks you through how to use it as you get started.

Dealers have access to our mobile PERS units Belle and Belle+ along with the more traditional in-home system, the 1041. While we always recommend having a few of each unit in stock, dealers can order in any quantities they like and at any time – no minimums. Discounts are available for larger orders.

We are happy to answer any questions about the Affiliate Program. Please call 866-795-4321 or email bob.kelley@responsenow.com


The Benefits of Both Programs

ResponseNow provides services across the nation through its network of authorized ResponseNow Dealers and Affiliates in a market segment that is growing at 17-18% per year. There are more than 40 million seniors, and less than 5% of them currently have medical alert systems. There are another 36 million disabled people in the US. With 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 everyday, the market is growing fast.

The ResponseNow Affiliate Program merges the benefits of a locally owned business with the leading manufacturer of medical alert systems, the leading medical alert monitoring center in the industry, and proven sales and marketing programs. Whether you choose the Affiliate Program or go the route of a Dealer, this is an outstanding opportunity to create a business that generates a very satisfactory cash flow while building a valuable asset. ResponseNow is an excellent add-on business for a home care, durable medical equipment company, or security company; or it can be a highly successful standalone opportunity.

You would be an independent business owner providing installation, service and end-user training, as well as community education and in-service briefings to healthcare organizations and providers. This is your own business, but we provide all the support you need to be successful.

If you would like information on how to become a part of the ResponseNow Dealer Program, please fill out the form below and a representative will contact you within the next two business days.

    Affiliate Program • Overview
    • Paid commissions on every sale.
    • Develop into Local option for medical alerts.
    • Keep your customers in their homes long-term through the safety of a medical alert device.
    ResponseNow provides:
    • Belle demo unit
    • Training
    • In-store display stand w/ customized rack cards
    • Customized prescription bag informational inserts
    • Digital order tracking
    • Dedicated customer support
    Your Commitment:
    • No inventory to maintain. We’ll ship direct to your customer.
    • No minimums to meet.
    • Complete 30-minute training session.
    • Update website / social media with order tracking link.
    • Put up display stand in area of high visibility for potential clients.
    • Actively hand out rack cards / bag inserts to qualified prospects.
    Dealer Program • Overview
    • Bolster your business with a new recurring revenue base.
    • Add-on service to a market segment you’re already doing business with.
    • Reliable, easy-to-learn PERS equipment you can trust with your customers.
    ResponseNow provides:
    • Training. We’ll fully cover the equipment, common support FAQs, dealer tools used to manage systems, etc.
    • Free shipping on all orders above $50.
    • Mobile PERS unit: Belle / Belle+.
    • Landline PERS unit: 1041.
    • Also have access to customized marketing pieces such as videos, brochures and more.
    Your commitment:
    • Must carry general liability insurance.
    • Must sign ResponseNow Dealer Agreement prior to purchasing any equipment.