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The 1052 System | ResponseNow


ResponseNow | The 1052


With more people than ever deciding to ditch the landline, today’s medical alarm customer requires a modern alternative. Based off the Climax 1041 system, this unit provides many of the same features with the notable exception being its lack of a need for a traditional telephone line. Using a SIM card running on the national T-Mobile network, the 1052 unit is able to provide the same reliable service as the 1041. This option is particularly advantageous to customers who have a cell phone only or who are using voice-over-internet as their form of home communication. Connected to the monitoring center over the mobile network typically within 30 seconds, customers are able to communicate smoothly and clearly over the 1052’s two-way voice communicator. This system works with a traditional wrist or necklace pendant, fall detection pendant and room and hallway button.


    • No phone line? No problem! This unit is equipped with a 3G SIM card.
    • 3G cellular service provided by T-Mobile.
    • Compatible with all three available pendants.
    • Up to 650 feet of range in open areas.
    • Automatic system check-ins report on AC power, system backup battery level and pendant battery level to ensure maximum system functionality.
    • Both two-way voice and push-to-talk styles of communication are available.
    • System sounds with various tones during an emergency to indicate to the customer the progression of the situation.

PRICE: $199

Monitoring: $5.50 per month

SIM Card: $6 per month

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ResponseNow | The 1052
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