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The 1041 System | ResposneNow


ResponseNow | The 1041


The Climax 1041 unit features a modern, sleek and elegant design while remaining an incredibly intuitive piece of hardware for customers and dealers alike. With its large red HELP button, powerful two-way voice communicator and its compact physical shape, this unit is a staple of the emergency medical alarm community.

The 1041’s two-way voice communicator allows the monitoring center to listen in to what is happening on the client’s side or talk to the client through the system’s built-in microphone and speaker. Being able to listen in provides a huge advantage when a customer is unable to communicate clearly during an emergency situation. This unit requires an active telephone line connection (the 1041 includes a port on the back for the customer’s phone to plug into) and can work with a traditional wrist or necklace pendant, fall detection pendant and room and hallway button.


  • Requires customer have tradtional landline telephone service.
  • Compatible with all three available pendants.
  • Up to 650 feet of range in open areas.
  • Automatic system check-ins report on AC power, system backup battery level and pendant battery level to ensure maximum system functionality.
  • Both two-way voice and push-to-talk styles of communication are available.
  • System sounds with various tones during an emergency to indicate to the customer the progression of the situation.

PRICE: $69

Monitoring: $5.50 per month 


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